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The focus of our activities is the creation of private labels for important and successful market customers from the pharmacy, drug store, grocery and discount store branches.

We offer our customers a “completely care-free package” in the form of a full service experience. We will accompany you from the idea for a product to the final design and product supplied at the POS.

The objective for our company is the success of our customers. Because of our independence, we work together on a project basis with prominent partners, who are specialists in their fields. This also applies for the development laboratories, suppliers and manufacturers whose services we use. This flexibility leads to maximum customer benefits.

As a full service provider we will

  • Introduce you to customer-specific concepts
  • Pursue development based on your wishes
  • Recognise trends early on for you
  • Conduct market analyses
  • Tap into new business sectors for you
  • Market your products with our name, if desired.

The goal of our activities is to generate added value for your products that promotes sales.

Individual Product Concepts, Specialties & Niches

  • Cosmetics, Skin Care
    • Facial care: Cleanser, care, anti-aging, anti-wrinkle, wrinkle filler, eye cream, masks, vials
    • Body care: Hand lotions, lotion, exfoliating, slimming, foot care, sunscreen, tanning creams
    • Hair care: Shampoo, conditioner, hair spray, dye, colouring, gel, wax
    • Men's cosmetics: Shaving cream, aftershave, creams, lotions
    • Natural cosmetics
    • Perfume, eau de toilette, eau de parfum
  • Medicinal Products
    • Saline nose spray
    • Nose salve
    • Nourishing foam for hands, feet, body
    • Special products for neurodermitis sufferers and diabetics
    • Cold and warm compress therapy, cooling sprays
    • etc.
  • Over The Counter Drugs (OTC)
    • Medicinal baths for colds, eucalyptus, balm
    • Cold prevention
    • Tablets, capsules, lozenges
    • etc.
  • Dietary Supplements
    • Vitamins
    • Weight loss
    • Weight control and appetite suppressants
    • Linoleic acid and folic acid compounds, Q10, iron
    • Immune system
    • Special products, animal food supplements for vitality, joints, shiny coats, minerals
    • etc.
  • Washing, Cleaning and Cleansing Agents
    • Surface sealing
    • Concentrates
    • Special cleaner
    • etc.
  • Special Food and Non-Food Products

    Upon request